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    you love me. real or not real?” i tell him, “r e a l.”

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    supernatural meme: [1/2] quotes

    This is an actual line from the show

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    "Yesterday on the beach. I think I was watching someone struggle with a surfboard and it just, I was, um, I don’t like to laugh at the misfortunes of others and we were doing it in a very good-natured way. But it was just, there was a lot of… the surf was a little stronger than this very small person with a surfboard and eventually we went to help them. But it was, it was very funny."

    ↳ Benedict being interviewed at SDCC 2014 x

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    "America is a land of freedom!!11!!"


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    really? i liked her i felt she had an important part in harry potter

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    Sherlock + text posts

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    Rupert Graves - Ice Bucket Challenge [x] // donate: Macmillan x x, ASL x

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    just a few of the many reasons why I’m excited for when the tumblr generation becomes parents

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